We are blessed to have the opportunity to change our lives, this once in a lifetime offer has to be utilized and exploited to the extreme, God is  awesome, a facility with motivated people to make it happen is a dream that I have always had, yes, millions fall by the wayside while we soar like eagles , we are grateful for this special blessing that cannot be bought but has to be earned, anything worth having comes with effort, faith and total determination, we learn what we thought we knew, we reject what we once treasured, all this because we were lost, but now we are found, we were blind, but now we see, God has entered into our lives,  

The second miracle is to share this new found love with others, to share the trip and see the gradual change unfold, the master at work is something one has to experience to understand , life has meaning now, fear and darkness rush out while we deal with this newfound life with unlimited potential , we are more than words can say, children of the kingdom of God, the past has been conquered and life at her best has materialized, the beauty of it all is that this is only the beginning of a new way of life,

We are on this once unattainable place that the world thought we could never achieve, we are united with our families, laughter and smiles, giggles and tears of joy are the fruit of being rocketed into the fourth dimension, the realm of the spirit, where God dwells, we are free. FRAZER