about To House of mercy

House of Mercy was opened on 15th August 1988 under the auspices of the Catholic Church In 1998, the centre was registered as a Rehabilitation Centre to provide voluntary residential care for all chemically dependent persons over the age of 18 years of age, giving preference to the most vulnerable and poorest people in our communities.


The main aim of the Organisation is to reduce the present levels of substance abuse and dependency and to prevent any increase of abuse or dependency  among our local population.

To give the alcoholic and addict the best possible individualized treatment for their respective addictions.

House of Mercy follows a spiritual approach to recovery. Patients are empowered in their recovery with Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental wellbeing.

  • To provide inpatient facilities for alcohol and drug dependant persons.
  • To provide patients with coping skills and to implement them in their journey of recovery.
  • To encourage and enable the patient’s families and significant others to serve as a strong support system and to assist the patient in their recovery.
  • To introduce and familiarize the patient with the recovery programs of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous by daily session with counsellors.
  • To prepare the patient’s for reintegration into their respective communities by allowing them to establish a sense of responsibility and a positive future for themselves through Meditation.
  • To empower the patient with adequate tools to prevent the occurrence of a relapse.
  • To provide an in-patient rehabilitation service to persons dependent on any mind altering substances.
  • To increase public understanding and awareness of alcohol and drug dependence its nature and treatment.
  • To provide an outreach, preventative program to youth, families and communities.
  • To provide an aftercare programme to rehabilitated persons.
  • To co-operate with any local and other organized forum that will progress the objectives of the Organisation.
  • Generally to do all things necessary or expedient for the achievement and furtherance of the above aims and objectives.