Brainwave Sound Therapy  

We know that for many years dating back to prebiblical times (David playing the harp)  that music soothes the mind And uplifts the soul (consciousness) of man. And throughout history we have hundreds of examples of music affecting mankind’s thoughts and moods.

Science has demonstrated how our state of mind is affected by the brainwave patterns that we are subjected to at any given time.

The major brainwave patterns are.

BETA BRAIN WAVES at 13hz- 40hz

Associated with Worry, Stress, Paranoia, Fear, Irritability, Moodiness, Anger, Nervousness and Anxiety.

Due to the pressures of modern society many  people spend most of their time In these constant states of mind that lead to all kinds of health problems, such as weakened immune systems, pshychiatric disorders, severe depression insomnia and Addiction

WE do need Beta waves as this also controls our instincts for survival.



This is where our relaxation, tranquillity, peace and calming states emerge. In this state of mind powerful natural forces return to our conscious mind, whereby we are able to concentrate, focus, meditate and pay attention to  thoughts that promote powerful memory, effortless creativity, expanded concentration, problem solving abilities and increased  sense of control over stress situations.


Here we find ourselves in the vibrant state, in the realm of  your mind that promotes and strengthens  your purpose in life, talents, higher creativity, oneness, imagination, insight & intuition, connection to your higher power and communication with others and of course the most important, your emotions. (Negative thoughts or thoughts of lack or limitations are erased.)


Delta  brainwaves  induce such heightened relaxed states that we now  enter into the Fourth dimension, a deep dreamless sleep that is the entrance to the spiritual plane of reality. Here we experience the real rewards of conscious meditation, such as Healing, Renewal of the mind, Restoration, Rejuvenation and the Immune system working at its peak designated function. Neurogenesis (rebirth of cells)


Electrical impulses that we refer to as brainwaves  are measured in cycles known as hz  (hertz). Science  has  demonstrated that  our brains  generate more energy (electrical impulses) in one day than a thousand cell phones

Music is measured in tempo (beats per second) and also run in cycles called frequencies(hertz)

When a frequency of say 300 hertz is played into the left ear and a frequency of 312 hertz is played into the right ear it produces a phantom (subsonic) sound called a binaural beat at 12 hertz .This frequency then falls  into the same range of frequencies that make up the ALPHA RANGE OF BRAINWAVES.

So we can change the frequencies to the desired brain wave function that we need. And in the background an acoustical sound or music to accompany the phantom beat or binaural beat.


The patient is seated in a reclining chair (layzee boy) and made to feel comfortable through the initiator (someone who has trained in relaxation techniques and working with different patients) and is then instructed how to prepare for the meditation.

No 1) Breathing  exercises. No 2) Relieve tension and initiate relaxation.

The first program runs for 30 minutes.

This program guides the patient into relaxed spiritual state. Now the patient is feeling quite relaxed and calm as the mind is not running all over the place and can concentrate what is being said. At this stage the  patients brain waves are being entrained or synchronized with the wave frequencies that are produced by the phantom or binaural beat. In this case the Alpha waves (deep relaxation but not sleep).The benefits of this type of meditation include super learning, creativity, emotional openness, sense of belonging. Then he or she is explained toby the narrator how to understand emotions, feelings of fear, anger, despair, self worth, resentfulness and self esteem issues. The patient is then slowly brought out of the meditative state by the winding down of the acoustic accompaniment. In the first few sessions some of the patients do fall asleep. But our understanding is, such things do happen because of medication that is used for withdrawals. In these circumstances it is acceptable because the subconcious mind still absorbs most of the information presented to it.

After repeated meditation sessions the patients begins to stay more focused and interested in what they are told or information  given to them at their lectures and sessions with the therapists and counsellors

A new enthusiasm develops in the patients. Openess becomes the norm as patients share more and more in other sessions. Real confidence.

A remarkable positive change has been noted in most (90%) patients as they display a genuine interest in their recovery, starting with increased concentration in sessions, the ability to stay focused.

After 10 meditation sessions the program changes where I introduce only binaural beats accompanied by an acoustic arrangement. Now the patients mind starts with their own work in recovery, where they can decide on whatever they want to meditate on and in most cases it turns to be in line with their recovery because at this time this is all that they are concerned with, having  been given strategies on coping with the other thoughts that had kept them occupied before.

When the patient leaves the THE REHABILITATION CENTER they will be given a CD at a MINIMAL COST R20 (to cover CD and printing) CONTAINING 3 ADVANCED MEDITATION PROGRAMS to use at home in their own time. These can also be transferred onto a SD micro card or memory stick.

Our experience and successful results with the treatment of addiction has enabled us to expand the scope of the sound therapy to include Stress related conditions and we have opened up treatment to outpatients suffering from stress related conditions as well.


Sound Therapy sessions are available for out patients on a daily basis.

As an incentive for interested parties. The introductory 1st session is free.

For an appointment please call Neil.

073 019 0076
084 898 1673
Business Hours

Mondays to Fridays  09hr00-16hr00

Saterdays                   09hr00- 13hr00

This being the first of its kind of therapy in South African Rehabilitation Centre.

Fees will be discussed only on assessment. + - R600.00  for  5 appointments.

Patients needs to do 6 in house sessions for the treatment to show signs of effectiveness.

We are in the process of acquiring  accreditation for this type of acoustic treatment from the Health Department.

Sessions last for approximately 30 mins.