Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Treatment Program

This consists of 21 days for alcohol and 42 days for drugs whether prescription, over counter or illegal. (Mind altering substances)

  • Pre-admission assessment, whether the treatment available is suitable for the prospective patient.
  • Medical evaluation by our resident physician and 24 hour treatment by our medical staff for the trauma and discomfort associated with withdrawals. Detoxification process. Random drug testing will also be undertaken
  • Daily informative medical sessions.Effects of addiction and alcoholism. Insomnia, HIV and eating disorders.
  • Vitamin therapy.
  • Individual counselling in which the patient is assisted to identify risk factors and a work plan to minimize the risk factors identified.
  • Daily group therapy sessions that provide a platform for our patients toput one and another intoperspective and to provide learning from one and another.
  • Fortnightly family therapy sessions to facilitate families and significant others to understand and provide support for the  alcoholic or addict.
  • Daily sessions, with dedicated counsellors fromAlcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous.( six days per week).
  • Team building exercises, physical exercises, soccer, volleyball, gym, basketball,tabletennis and a gardening program.
  • 12 Step programme.  Relapse prevention strategies.
  • Sound therapy.Latest technological advances in audio therapy have enabled The House of Mercy to initiate sound therapy to greatly assist the patient in their recovery through the understanding of oneself and one’s purpose in life. The only rehab in RSA to present this type of program.
  • Educational and recreational DVD’S.
  • Life management skills.
  • Aftercare programs that commence  after being discharged and can be attended every Wednesday to assist in the recovery process.